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What we do

e-government/ e-municipality applicaitons, Project Management, Urban Security, Command and Control Center, Emergency/Disaster Communication, Informatics/Communication Infrastructure, Smart Card, RFID Based Application

Our Solutions and Production

Integrated project solutions regarding to customer needs...

Why XynGroup

We are Market Focus.

We are Multidisciplinary.

We are Experienced.

We are International.

About Us

XynGroup AB was founded in Stockholm at 2002, in order to operate in Europe, Middle East and Central Asian countries.

XynGroup AB team provides customer-focused solutions blends with experience from multiple disciplines.

The improvements in the energy sector with Group Company XynEnergy continue its activities with unique solutions for enterprises. Solutions are developing at the software and IT sector with Group Company Xynsoft.

XynGroup AB is a business venture, consulting and technology firm. You can see us as your technical team, has a structure where you can request all information and integrated technology solution for your project. These services include consulting, system design, implementation and adjusted education to your demand.

Our company offers many services that complement each other. In line with customer requirements and needs of increasingly developing new service solutions, innovation and R & D that develops solutions to all the needs in the field of Technology Management Services offers.

Our company, based on the needs of your business, it creates a custom package of integrated services to the needs and suggestions. It offers all the services offered by the process and the road map for customers. Specially prepared a detailed process and the road map with all the services we offer both services and service procurement process, monitored by you, traceable, manageable and measurable gain.

Consulting and Training Services

Cyber Security,

Internet and Social Media,

Mobile Life,

Next Generation Payment Systems,

Wireless Technologies,

Environmentally sensitive products,

Cloud Services,

Blockchain Teknologies....



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